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Amber & Cotton

Amber & Cotton is the perfect scent to add a fresh lux feel to any room. Let the soft complex blend of Jasmine, Leather and Amber give you the feels and elevate your space to the next level!

Bite Me

Be transported to the base of an apple tree, in the middle of an orchard, with your favorite book, wrapped in the juicy aroma of freshly ripened apples.  Reach up and take a bite!

Black Lavender

The perfect balance of bold and tamed. But, don't be fooled by the name, because Lavender is not the star of this show. Spiked with Egyptian Amber & Black Myrrh, this scent is sure to become your new ...

Bluberry Lemonade

Bold, in your face and low-key addictive. This one packs a Punch! The blend of Blueberry, Lavender and Orange gives off notes of an expertly crafted Blueberry Lemonade! Long story short, you need Bl...

Cartoons & Chill

July Coco Crush! It's Saturday morning. Your favorite cartoon is on. There's a fresh gallon of milk in the fridge and your favorite fruity cereal is in the cabinet! The highlight of your weekend was t...

Cashmere Kisses (Cashmere Noir)

Formerly known as Cashmere Noir That one fragrance that has everyone asking "What is that!?" This silky fragrance will compliment literally any mood. Notes: warm spices, cocoa butter, olive wood and ...

Coco for the Holidaze Gift Set- All The Things

This set is all about the "All the Things" in one Scent!  1 8oz. Candle     1 4oz. Room Spray 1 Wax Melt Bar    1 Coco Car Refresher         1 Tealight Warmer

Coco for the Holidaze Gift Set- Fresh on the Go

3 Coco Car Refreshers of your choice!

Coco for the Holidaze Gift Set- The Little Things

This set is all about the "Little Things" 2 Wax Melt Bars     2 Mini Room Sprays            1 Tealight Warmer

Coco for the Holidaze- Bring in the Tree

Holiday Inspired! Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh pine tree filling up the house? But if we're being honest no one wants to deal with all those needles after. So go ahead and plug in your spruce...